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The voidstalker extraction

Triple C Reports: Book One

The galaxy is a dangerous place. Habitable planets are controlled by powerful factions, and the space between them is fair game for pirates and expansionists alike. The best way to get ahead in the Void is by hiring mercenary companies to use their ships and mechs to claim and defend territory.

Most mercenary groups are run by morally gray upstarts who will do anything for the right price. One company is the exception: the Triple C. Led by former mech pilot Henri Durroguerre, it has gained a reputation for honoring contracts and minimizing collateral damage.

Astera Ramos, a runaway turned mech pilot, is new to the Triple C. Eager to prove herself, she volunteers for a supposedly straight-forward reconnaissance job on Baldalan that quickly turns deadly.

After guiding Astera back to safety, Henri realizes that the fatal contract was not as simple as the Kolos Admiralty made it out to be. He recruits Astera to help him uncover what is happening on Baldalan, and the Triple C unwittingly becomes entangled in a sinister plot that threatens to disrupt the balance of power in the Void.


During a routine security patrol in the Underground, Flit stumbles across a Registered Derivate whose team underestimated the dangers of the dank underground tunnels. She brings KC-847, back to the Underground and he is given a new chance to live a life free of the Government’s control. But just as he is settling in, a series of deadly explosions in the tunnels rock the very foundations of his new life. The leaders of the Underground claim that the blasts were caused by maintenance errors, but Flit isn’t convinced. Never one to let a hunch go, she drags KC-847 on an investigation that will change the trajectory of Derivate-kind forever.

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The code of us

“Some things are worth breaking for…”

When Mia and Arden Drew are in a horrific car accident, the dreams they shared for their future balance on a precipice. As a talented neuropsychologist working for one of the world’s foremost experimental human research facilities, Mia uses the resources at her fingertips to save her husband’s life.

Mia’s grief-fuelled decision catapults her into the depths of a messy court case where her actions are subjected to intense public scrutiny. Her intentions, relationships, and career are put to the ultimate test as the people around her question how far she should have gone to save her husband, and whether he is still the man she fell in love with. Now, she must face the truth of what she’s done and try to piece together the shards of her shattered dreams, or risk losing her husband once and for all.

RELEASE DATE: 11th of July 2021

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