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Two minds, one story.

Space station

Ship It Publishing

Who is Liv Evans?

Liv Evans is an Australian Indie Author who writes dystopian, sci-fi, and fantasy - all with a hint of romance. When not writing, she can be found spending time with her family, sewing, painting book edges, and learning more new crafts than she has time for. Liv has published three books so far 'The Underground' (Book One of the Derivates Rising Trilogy), 'The Hub' (Book Two of the Derivates Rising Trilogy), and the standalone 'The Code of Us'.


Who is Jay Thomas?

Jay Thomas is an American hobbyist author that enjoys world-building and character development.  Born of his love of RPGs, his love of writing helped broaden his horizons and introduced other cultures to solidify the veracity of his historical fiction stories.  When not filling his off-hours with plotlines, he works as an engineer until the dream of full-time authorship is possible. 

About Liv Evans’ and Jay Thomas’ co-authoring journey

Liv Evans and Jay Thomas met over six years ago on an online writing forum and hit it off immediately. One story turned into two, which turned into three, and now they have written more adventures together than they can count. With a shared love of the fantasy and science fiction genres, among others, they delight in crafting tales full of dynamic characters and vivid romance. Whether their stories take them to the perilous void of outer space, a magic filled fantasy realm, or a quaint small town in the modern day, their top priority is making a visceral world that readers can escape into.

How does the co-authoring thing work on a practical level?

Liv and Jay live in different time zones, so a lot of their writing has to be squeezed in after work or on weekends. They write almost every part of their story together, taking it in turns to write paragraphs and dialogues, almost like playing a game of ‘tag’. Quite often, they will each take responsibility for the dialogue and action of certain characters to ensure a consistent voice. When the main story is done, they will then revise and edit each chapter to make sure the flow and perspectives are seamless.

Where did the ‘Ship It’ come from?

Just like most other authors, Liv and Jay get really excited about the characters they create. With romance being a focus of most of their stories, and often slow-burn romance at that, they would often find themselves excited about the character and relationship development they were writing, and instead of gushing on for hours about how great it will be when the characters finally got together, they decided to shorten their enthusiasm to the efficient but encapsulating colloquialism “I Ship It”. After writing a novel-length sea-based adventure, and being total and utter nerds for perfect puns, they decided that “Ship It” would be the perfect name for their partnership when decided to share their creations with the world.

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