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Music plays a huge part in my writing. Whenever I am working on a scene, I have music blaring. My master playlist is now at over 300 songs.  Below, you can find a selection of songs that I have curated for each book.


'Nina Cried Power' by Hozier ft. Mavis Staples is the anthem for the entire Derivates Rising Trilogy. If you want to listen along with the chapters, start with 'Another Brick in the Wall' by Pink Floyd and work your way across. 

Happy listening & reading!


'Back in Black' by AC/DC, 'Shakedown' by The Score, and "Play with Fire' by Sam Tinnesz are the real MVPs here. A special mention has to go to "Rise' by Katy Perry, which has been in my head for Chapter 46 ever since I knew that was the way this novel was going.  I hope you enjoy this curated list, and the music helps enhance your reading experience!

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