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Book Review: The Aldrich Legacy (K. Isabella Frost)

The Aldrich Legacy is an enchanting fantasy adventure in the vein the classic high fantasies of J. R. R. Tolkien, Eddings, and Feist. It is a gorgeous coming of age tale, set in a thoroughly fleshed out fantasy world. It has all of the elements any fantasy reader could as for: magic, elves, dragons, dark lords. It has all the right themes, dark vs. light, coming of age, fighting with legacies, betrayal...

From the very start, I was enchanted by Frost's skill for vivid descriptions. There is no difficulty slipping into the world of The Aldrich Legacy, it all flows naturally from the page and into the imagination.

For me, no story is complete without sound character growth and development. As the first novel in a series, the protagonist, Leander, is at the very start of her journey. She learns some difficult lessons, and it is wonderful to see her thoughts and processes changing over the span of the first novel. Like any great fantasy, The Aldrich Legacy also contains an adventuring party's worth of characters. They are each given distinct personalities, flaws, and features that make them realistic. There were times when I was laughing with the characters, yelling at them (Holger, I'm lookin' at you!), and just wanting to give them a hug.

I already have the second book and am excitedly anticipating the release of those that follow. I can't wait to see everything that waits in store for Leander and her loyal friends.

Favourite Lines:

  • "You have such a curious way, Leander. Do not forsake your willingness to ask 'why', for it is the one thing that will ensure that you continue to learn."

  • "Cut me free and I'll show ya the mettle of a dwarf! I'll take you all on! Who's first?! Huh?! HUH?!"

Important Stats:

Genre: Fantasy

Length: 344 pages

Series or Standalone? Book one of a series (The Pendant of Dragons)

You will love this if you enjoy: Lord of the Rings, The Inheritance Cycle, Raymond E Feist.

Other: Awesome female lead, well-developed characters, gorgeous descriptions, amusing Dwarven antics.

Also be sure to check out K. Isabella Frost's social media pages for some incredible art based on the Pendant of Dragons Series:

Here are the links you need if you want to find out more: K. Isabella Frost on Goodreads The Aldrich Legacy (Pendant of Dragons #1) purchase link

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