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Book Review: The Color of Your Voice (Daniel Newwyn)

I've read a couple of Daniel Newwyn's novellas now... but I really should stop. Each one shatters my heart to a thousand pieces in the best possible way. The Color of Your Voice is no exception. Conceptionally unique and poignantly written, this story is tour de force, exploring some of the darkest and most desperate parts of humanity. With characters that are inherently flawed and startlingly human, the reader is dragged through a wringer of emotions on almost every page. From Violet's heartbreaking upbringing to Turner's slowly cracking facade, there is always some new bit of information that comes in and challenges how you perceive the protagonists.

Still, like Newwyn's other novels, the fathomless darkness of The Colour of Your Voice is redeemed by the beautiful counterpoint of hope that is Violet's final chapter. While it isn't a happy ending, per se, it is a satisfying one that is infused with a bittersweet sense of realism. This was a book that I screamed, laughed, and cried with. It was a great read, and Newwyn has truly mastered the art of writing a short story that packs all the punch of anything three times as long.

So, here are the links you need if you want to find out more: Daniel Newwyn's Website

The Color of Your Voice on Goodreads

The Color of Your Voice on Amazon

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